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Collect Ideas, Highlights, Quotes and Thoughts
Collect Ideas, Highlights, Quotes and Thoughts

How to grow your swarm of thoughts.

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One of our priorities is to make capturing thoughts as easy as possible. It should be a no-brainer to save an inspiring idea, whenever you resonate with one. Nothing should disturb your reading flow.

On desktop


  1. Click the Plus-Button in the top right. Pressing N or Space does the same.

  2. You can now enter text manually or paste it from your clipboard.

  3. Press tab or use the cursor to switch to the add tag field.

  4. Press cmd + enter or click the check mark to save the thought.

Web Clipper

The Napkin web clipper is a browser extension for Chrome and Brave (some use it also in Edge and Arc). You can send text highlights from any website to Napkin with a click. A link to the source will be added to Napkin automatically.

  1. Install the web clipper.

  2. Highlight text and right-click.

  3. Select "Send to Napkin."

๐Ÿ’ก You can also open other tools for thought like Notion and Roam in the browser and use the same function to transfer notes to Napkin.

On mobile

Napkin Beta (iOS app)

Our mobile app is in Beta - if you've got an account you can download it opening on your iPhone.

Readwise Import

If you use Readwise, you can connect it with your Napkin account. Everything you highlighted in the past and from then on forward, will show up after clicking the Readwise button.

The thoughts are automatically tagged and have a link to the original source.

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