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When does Napkin for iPad come?

Good question. We think each device deserves an interface design an navigation concept tailored to the pros and cons of the device itself. Large screen, small screen, touch screen, keyboard... these features determine how to best interact with Napkin. That said, we are focusing on getting Napkin for iPhone ready for launch first. Then we decide how to align the experience with the desktop version. Then we focus on creating a beautiful experience for the iPad.

When sending ideas to Napkin via the share sheet, the idea card is empty.

This happens when you are not sharing text by highlighting it and clicking share in the bottom menu of your browser. This is how it's done:

How can I reset my password?

We did not make it easy yet. Sorry for that. We are fully focused on the app itself and neglected a lot of the crucial processes that are also important for having a nice experience.

For now, you have two choices. Either you mail us and we send you a reset link via mail, or you go to https://app.napkin.one on your desktop computer, log out, and click "Forgot password?"

We will make it available in the app itself soon.

Why can't I scroll in longer notes?

Napkin is made for concise ideas, book highlights, quotes and alike. It makes sense to reduce ideas to the smallest meaningful essence because then they are easier to remix. And as we all know - creativity is just combining things.

If you have a longer note, you can tap it to open the action menu and scroll there. While you are there, why not opening edit and shortening the idea a bit? πŸ˜‰

I want to see all my topics.

And you will. In the current version we're showing only the most inspiring topics in the explore section. Soon you will see all of your topics there.

If you are thinking one particular idea you can look it up with the full text search (Explore -> Search) and then select "Explore related ideas" to start a flow based on this idea.

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